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Prioritize your product features

Design your product roadmap to keep stakeholders, customers, and teams in the loop.

14-day free trial. No credit card.

Design product roadmap

You can collect feedback manually or even get inputs from your team/ customer. Invite your team members and engage.

Build your site in minutes

Invite your team

Listensify allows you to invite other team members and engage with them to make derived decisions for your business.

Styling options

Play around with the styling options- fonts, colors, images, gifs, thumbnails along with the content link to catch anyone’s attraction instantly.

Create role

Create roles to specify the job role and description of your teammates. Based on which you can get access to permission.


Create departments to classify the organization data based on specific responsibilities. Create and save your departments to use later.

Prioritize projects/ features

View your rates and likes for the project so everyone's know-how product functions. Keep your product in front of your customers.

Build your site in minutes

Likes count

Keep a count of your product features and see how many factors that matter to your team and customers. You can also check how it can customize.

Build roadmap

Create and design your product roadmap based on the prioritization of the product. Simply build roadmaps without any hassle.

Communication's key

Don’t let feedback collection go simply waste. Communicate product decisions and keep users updated with public or private roadmaps.

Choose product prioritization for your business

Free forever. Set up in minutes.
No credit card required.

This helps us to capture product feedback. It helps us to analyze the impactful feedback for product decisions. Ranking the features of the product paves way for prioritizing the product. This tool helps users to know the newest updated features. And you can see which features are most requested by applying a filter to the feedback based on segment and impact. So, this helps to improve the features of the product according to users' needs.